Community by Design

Why Remodel the Concourse?

We believe God has called His church to be about creating environments where authentic community can take place. Our current design presents challenges for both our guests and our members to connect meaningfully while at Vertical Church. When our building was originally designed, it was based on the dual use of a school and church. We no longer have a school and are now faced with the exciting opportunity to redesign our Concourse to better reflect the high priority and value we place on relationships here at Vertical.

The Bible places a great emphasis on community, and we long for our space to communicate that priority as well. God’s dream and design for His church is fulfilled through community. We believe our common space can provide that opportunity to be aligned totally with God’s heart.

Successful organizations understand the importance of first and last impressions. Thoughtfully designed common spaces communicate excellence and the value they place on both members and guests. It is our desire to create an environment that communicates hospitality, care, and warmth. When we look at the value God has placed on people, we are compelled to receive all into an  atmosphere that expresses His heart.

Redesigning our Concourse will make it easier for our guests to access information free from the present congestion and chaos. We will also create environments for our members to develop and deepen relationships and minister to one another in an inviting space designed specifically for that purpose.

Signs of wear and tear in our current space are everywhere. Our style is outdated and no longer communicates excellence.  It’s time to steward the space we have been given and use it to its full potential!

Ways To Give

If you would like to partner with us in this project, we ask that you prayerfully consider the amount you would like to contribute. All contributions, from the smallest to the largest, will be greatly appreciated. Below are several ways you can give.

Giving Sundays

Throughout the course of our Community By Design project, we will have several special Giving Sundays set aside for you to give, including our annual First Gift of Christmas offering.

Give Online

Online giving is a safe and convenient way to give toward the Community By Design Project. Please make sure you designate Community by Design on the giving page. You can give at one of our Giving Kiosk in the Welcome Center or online at

Kind/Appreciable Assets

Gifts other than cash can have significant giving potential. You can now give stocks, bonds, real estate, automobiles, electronics, etc. to the Community by Design Project. Give online at

Text To Give

You can give to the Communiyt by Design project via text message. Simply text “VERTICAL CBD” to 73256 and then click the link in the reply to give. Please make sure Community by Design is selected in the drop-down menu. It’s fast, easy, and secure

Project Overview

  • Relocating our Café and Bookstore to the Concourse with an open floor plan making it more visible and accessible for members and guests. A café is a great way to make guests feel welcome and a place for members to connect relationally.
  • Creating environments with comfortable seating designed for people to connect and build community in the context of developing meaningful relationships.
  • Designing an open information center in the main traffic flow to service both guests and members.
  • Designing a more fluid children’s registration area to better service our families.
  • Redesigning our current school restrooms to make a more pleasant experience for both members and guests.
  • Converting our existing classrooms into Small Group rooms with comfortable seating and amenities designed to make the spaces warm and inviting.


What is the Community by Design Project?
This is the name we’ve given to the project to upgrade our facility.

How long will this project take to complete? 
The project will begin in January 2017 and is scheduled to be completed in July 2017.

How will this project affect Sunday Celebrations? 
The project will be completed in sections so as not to interfere with our Sunday Celebrations.

What will happen to the Chapel? 
Our current chapel does not get used on a regular basis.Over the past few years most weddings have been held off-site or in the Sanctuary. The stage and baptistery that is currently in our Chapel will remain and be a feature element in our new design.

What will happen to our Café and Bookstore?
Our present Café will be repurposed as our new Dream Team Central and our present Bookstore will be converted into a new meeting space.

Are we adding to the size of our building?
No, we will accomplish all this by remodeling our existing space only.

How do we reduce the size of our Sanctuary, yet reach more people for Christ?
At the time our church was built, the trend was for people to come to one large facility, even if that meant from long distances. Today, the trend is for people to attend a local church that offers services to their community. Therefore, to reach more people, we plan to become a multi-site church – eventually having multiple campuses in different locations. We are looking to establish our first campus in the Bridgeport area in the next two to three years.